Store up to 500 visit logs

  • Send commands to one or all of your servers with just a few clicks
  • Track Avatars on your land and check for laggy scripts
  • Networked System works grid wide even if your offline.
  • Formated for Firefox and mobile devices.
  • Developer API allows users to tap into sent commands or create custom attacks/modules
  • Scan for users , scripts, and prims that cuase lag. With optional auto eject.
  • Retains logs of users and admin actions.
  • Retains a private list of all banned/access users that all of your servers will pull data from.

STEP 0. Click the "SHOW" link on a server row. This will display data/buttons for that server.

Click Row Image

STEP 1. Click a TARGET name.
STEP 2. Click a module name/command.
STEP 3. Click the SUBMIT button

 Show Row Image

The above buttons fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Users can input their own commnds or add buttons via the API within the object.